Hello, my name is

Cheryl Akinyi

Data Scientist

About me

I am Data Scientist based in Nairobi, Kenya with deep experience in data management and expertise in developing statistical techniques to analyze data and find patterns.

Data Science, Analytics and Business Intelligence

With experience in data management, analytics and visualization,  I have mastered the skills of developing statistical techniques to analyze data and find patterns, working side-by-side with high-impact engineers and strategic customers to solve complex problems, communicate trends and innovative solutions to stakeholders.

What I do

From understanding stakeholders’ needs, collaborating with product managers, engineers and strategic customers to identifying opportunities for leveraging data to drive business solutions.


Collecting, persisting and retrieving data securely, effectively and cost-effectively.


Training the data and analyzing patterns using suitable machine learning algorithms.


Graphical representation of data and information in the form of charts, plots, maps and animations.


My Experience

2022-TO DATE



I am responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting complex and large sets of data to extract valuable insights and solve real-world problems. I employ a combination of statistical, mathematical, and programming skills to clean and preprocess data, build predictive models, and uncover patterns and trends. I identify actionable insights that drive informed decision-making, often collaborating with stakeholders to address business challenges.


Bayer East Africa

Business Intelligence & Customer Insights Analyst

I was responsible for enabling customer centric strategy and sales execution through data analytics and customer insights, providing necessary support, data and insights to establish effective and efficient route to market and sales organization and collaborating with stakeholders throughout the Crop Science division; to build a holistic view of the analytical requirements and align it with the organization's strategy.


Crowe Erastus & Co.

business development aSSOCIATE

I was responsible for conducting market research, analyzing industry trends, and identifying growth opportunities to support strategic decision-making by leveraging data analysis to provide actionable insights to drive business expansion and enhance revenue generation.


TripAdvisor, Inc 

ITQlick, Inc

data entry clerk

I was responsible for accurately and efficiently inputting data into databases from various sources and ensuring data integrity by reviewing and verifying information, correcting errors, and organizing data in a structured manner.